Digital Masters Conference Bangalore

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About Digital Masters Conference (DMC)

This “Digital Masters Conference” is a strategic alliance between India’s leading conference organiser SuccessGyan and the Digital Masters Alliance, India’s only alliance of top Digital Masters.

Digital Masters Conference Bangalore


The Digital Masters Alliance, co-founded by Avi Arya and Siddharth Rajsekar, consists of 9 of the best experts from different spheres of digital.

This association of the best minds is on a mission to collaboratively impact 1 billion lives in India to rapidly grow using digital technology.

Venue – Taj Yeshwantpur

Ticket Prices Starts from 999 INR Special Launch Offer

What You Will Learn from this DMC Event

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketing professional or an aspiring digital marketing enthusiast, this is where you can get all the flavors of digital in one power packed event.

Influencer Marketing

Learn how to become an Influencer online through a strategic approach. Also learn how to tap into existing micro-influencers to grow your brand.

Lead Generation

Quality leads are the life-line of any business. Learn about various different “new-age” methods to attract the right quality customers for your business.

Facebook Advertising

Learn how to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns to reduce costs and maximize conversions using simple & practical hacks.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has grown because of its affiliates. Learn about this multi-billion dollar trend & make a lot of money selling other people’s products.

Learn the art and science of turning your words into revenues. Tap into the power of blogging to organically attract customers on a daily basis.

Learn how to implement Google AdWords the right way, for the right industries – on the ever-growing Google Search and YouTube Search.

Digital Course Creation

Tap into this $325 billion eLearning industry. Learn how to create your own digital courses and attract students without needing any office or employees.

Conversion Optimisation

Learn how to cut down your marketing & advertising costs and maximize your profits by implementing numerous “digital growth hacks”.

Content Marketing

Discover the difference between the various types of digital content formats and how to effectively apply them to grow your business faster.

Ticket’s Info

Name: Sahana
Phone: 9840013012

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