Have you heard about the SEO industry’s worth?

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You may have heard from many people that SEO is dead or that SEO is no longer relevant, but this is not the case.

Due to the high cost of PPC, the SEO industry has been booming over the last three years.

The SEO industry has experienced a huge influx in the past few years due to the growth of digital marketing.

SEO Industry
SEO Industry

An estimated 5 billion people use the internet across the world and with this steadily increasing, the need for companies and organizations to be seen online is also high.

As such, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services have become a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their visibility on Google and other search engines.

According to Statista, global spending on SEO services reached more than $80 billion in 2020, driven by rising demand from advertisers seeking better organic web presence visibility and website traffic growth opportunities through organic tactics.

This value is constantly growing as more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of having a strong online presence and are investing in SEO services to improve their search engine rankings.

With the SEO industry expected to generate $122 billion in revenue by 2028, who is actually making that money, and are there opportunities for those of us with the necessary skills to get a slice of the action?

As a result, SEO will have a large market in the coming years.

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